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Solidcom C1

Solidcom C1


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Team Talk On The Go

DECT 6.0-enhanced stability | 1,100ft (350m) active range | 150Hz-7kHz wideband audio | Rechargeable & replaceable battery | Ready out of box | No-hub solution

  • Item


  • Transmission Range

    350m (1100ft) Line-of-Sight

  • Frequency Information

    Frequency band:
    1880-1900 MHz: Europe, South Africa, much of Asia, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand (10 channels)
    1880-1895 MHz: Taiwan (8 channels)
    1893-1906 MHz: Japan (J-DECT)
    1910-1920 MHz: Brazil (10 channels)
    1910-1930 MHz: Much of Latin America excluding Brazil
    1920-1930 MHz: USA and Canada

  • Transmission Latency


  • Battery Capacity

    700mAh (2.66Wh) Li-lon battery

  • Runtime

    Remote headset: ~10h
    Master headset: ~6h (when connected with 3 remote headsets)
    Master headset: ~5h (when connected with 5 remote headsets)

  • Charging Time


  • Frequency Response


  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio


  • Distortion

    <1 %

  • Microphone Type


  • Maximum Input
    Sound Pressure Level


  • Output Sound
    Pressure Level

    98+3dBSPL (at 94dBSPL 1kHz)

  • Net Weight

    ~170g (batteries included)

  • Working Temperature

    0~+45°C (Working Status)
    -20~+60°C (Storage Status)

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