Who We Are

Welcome to Manuel’s AV, we’re so glad you’re here! Let us tell you a little about ourselves, and how we’re able to help you!

Manuel’s AV has its humble beginnings in seeing a need whilst in a volunteer context, and being asked, not only for a solution, but to train individuals and teams in that context. Theteam asked themselves, after hours of troubleshooting, calling contractors, and industry professional asked themselves, “Why don’t we do this instead, but better!?” How does Manuel’s AV do it better you ask? By providing a service, with a fantastic attitude, industry knowledge, and fantastic support, and with that, Manuel’s AV was born. That same philosophy now sustains Manuel’s AV today.

Manuel’s AV is “Your one stop shop for all PA, AV, software, projection, lighting and broadcasting requirements, no matter the size or scale of your needs. Be it small, individuals or a collective, we’ve got you covered, including installation at a competitive price!

Manuel’s AV is also distributors and exclusive dealers for Pro Video Instruments, Blackbear Studio Systems and Pope Pro Audio in the Oceanic Region and India. So whether you need gear for your upcoming gig, a church service, a school play, whatever YOUR context, Manuel’s AV can provide industry-level equipment, the training you and your teams will need, and ongoing, even week-by- week, gig-by- gig friendly, professional support.

We also provide a consultation service, if you need assistance in figuring out what your gig or service needs are whether its lighting, AV, software, broadcasting, cameras, on whatever budget, we can help you!
Hiring available on request, just shoot us an email.

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