NightHawk Camera NH-100 Professional low-Light EFP Camera (New Product,Available from early August)

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NightHawk Camera NH-100 Professional low-Light EFP Camera (New Product,Available from early August)


Datavideo's new NightHawk cameras are feature-packed, high-quality cameras in a compact design, which fit various applications.

Datavideo NH-100 Nighthawk is a revolutionary camera made for high-end EFP, live events and stage performances. A Micro Four Thirds lens mount ensures the user of a large amount of compatible lenses currently available.

The NH-100 features a 4/3”CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing real time HDR images. This camera can achieve stunning results in low-light environments with little to no noise at all.

NightHawk cameras have highly modifiable bodies, giving you the freedom to build up and enhance your own professional camera rig, which contains monitors, recorders, batteries and stabilizers. Moreover, NightHawk cameras are compatible with other professional M4/3 lenses from Leica, Panasonic, Olympus, and more.

  • Cinematic Quality 4/3”CMOS sensor
  • Ultra Low-Light Capture
  • High Dynamic Range  
  • 12-bit Video Processor
  • Full HD 60fps Capture
  • External Microphone Input (48V phantom power available)
  • Simultaneous HDMI and SDIx2 Output
  • Remote Control Over Wi-Fi  
  • MFT Lens Mount (Micro 4/3)
  • Tally light included
  • 2 Rows of Quarter Twenty-Inch Mounting Holes for Accessories
  • Multi-Purpose Applications



Houses of worship are often dimly lit by candles and other small light sources. This can be challenging for cameras since there is almost no contrast between light and dark areas. NH-100 is capable of handling that little contrast and delivers stunning low noise images.

Live stage events

Concerts, night clubs, theater and other live stage events such as esports heavily rely on bright, moving lights. Bright lights and dark moments alternate very fast and it's impossible to anticipate movements on the stage. NH-100 uses HDR technology to make sure that the content looks as sparkling on the screen as it did live.

Chromakey studios

The NH-100's proprietary high definition video capturing technology is the best source for virtual studio chromakey applications. The most challenging glass, smoke and hair in the virtual studio can be perfectly demonstrated by combining the NH-100's 12-bit CMOS sensor with the chromakey technology.

Image Sensor : 4/3” CMOS Sensor
•    Lens type:M4/3 (Olympus, Panasonic)
•    Electronic Shutter:1/2000 ~ 1/25
•    Exposure compensation:EV -10 ~ +10
•    White Balance:Auto / Manual
•    Focus Mode:Auto / Manual / Lens control
•    Audio in: Mic-in
•    Video output:HDMIx1 SDIx2
•    Preview video:use smart phone app to monitor
•    Power:DC 12V

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