• Lindell Audio


    The 7X-500VIN "Vintage Edition" compressor packages the sound of one of the most popular compressors of all time into a convenient and remarkably affordable API 500 Series rack module. This late '60s-style FET compressor/limiter may be small, but it...

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  • Bettermaker

    C502V 3 in 1 Compressor

    The new Bettermaker compressor is a 3-in-1 compressor with dual mono/stereo/MS functionality and complete DAW control implementation that Bettermaker is famous for. You can select from Bettermaker's own compression, an SSL...

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  • Whirlwind OC BASS

    Optical Bass Compressor/Limiter Get in touch with your inner thump! The OC BASS Optical Compressor is both a compressor, as well as a limiter - (depending on how you have it switched). With three pre programmable attack speeds, you can switch from a...

  • Whirlwind PA -1 Personal Headphone Monitor

    The Whirlwind PA-1 is a high output, low distortion, portable monitoring device suitable for critical listening in any professional audio environment. Use for: Headphone distribution systems. Sign language interpretation or language translation...