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  • Lindell Audio

    503 Power - 3 slot lunchbox

    It's lunchtime! Get ya bib and plate ready... Featuring a massive 2.4A of power, the Lindell Audio ”503 Power” is a 3-slot 500 series compatible power supply and makes for the perfect tracking channel or vocal strip. It’s a perfect...

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  • Datavideo

    Datavideo CB-4

    Intercom System - CB-4 Extension Cable (50m) The Datavideo CB-4 is a 5-pin XLR 50m extension cable for the ITC-100 intercom system. This will enable you to extend the existing tally cable by another 50m. The CB-4 can be daisy-chained together...

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  • JTS


    Mono in ear monitor receiver SPECIFICATIONS SIEM-2R Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control Carrier Frequency Range 502~960 MHz LED Display Channel  Controls Power On/Off,Channel selection,Volume...

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  • JTS


    This affordable in ear monitor has been waited for long time as more performers used to having in ear monitor instead of relying on wedges. The SIEM-2 breaks the price barrier for every musician.* Developed with JTS advanced wireless technology.* Wired...

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