Pro Audio

  • Audix

    Audix D2 Dynamic Drum (tom) microphone

    The D2 dynamic instrument microphone is used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. It is designed with a hypercardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control and is equipped with a VLM™ diaphragm for natural, accurate sound...

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  • Roland

    Roland M-48 Live Personal Mixer

    THE BREAKTHROUGH PERSONAL MIXING & MONITORING SOLUTION The M-48 is the next generation live personal mixer that offers musicians the flexibly to control exactly what they want to listen to during their performances. It provides the highest level of...

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  • Roland

    Roland M-5000 Series Live Mixing Console

      Roland M-5000 Series Live Mixing Consoles     A new era in live audio mixing Roland M-5000 Series Live Mixing Consoles Roland M-5000 Specs Processing  M-5000 M-5000C Mixing...

  • Apart-Audio


    Convection cooled 3-channel digital power amplifier   The CHAMP-3D is a 3-channel fully programmable digital amplifier with all the essential features to meet your customer’s expectations. This versatile power center is ideal for medium...

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  • Clockaudio

    Clockaudio CW 8000 (502-960 MHz)

    UHF PLL Personal Wideband True Diversity System. System comprises of 1 x CW 8000T hand held radio Microphone, 1 x CW 8000R Receiver. UHF PLL Personal Wideband True Diversity System. System comprises of 1 x CW 8000T hand held radio Microphone, 1 x CW...

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  • Yamaha

    Yamaha DSR112 Active Loudspeaker

    The DSR112 is the most compact and versatile multi-purpose 2-way active loudspeaker system in the series. Capable of an astonishing maximum peak SPL of 134dB, the DSR112 is a perfect match to a wide range of portable PA and installation applications...

  • Stewart Audio AV30MX-2

    Stereo Mixer, 30w x 2 at 4Ω & 8Ω 2 Channel Stereo Mixer Amplifier - 30W x 2 @ 8Ω 2 channel stereo mixer amplifier in a subcompact, 1/4 rack form factor. This amplifier is plenum rated for above-ceiling applications and uses our Signal Sense...

  • Whirlwind The “Gold Box” Distortion

    Our Flagship distortion, A Rochester Series Original.   Product family: Rochester Series This classic handwired tank of a box delivers a wide range of sonic distortion from a subtle, warm, tube-driven tone to balls-to-the-walls searing...

  • Whirlwind PW -1 Personal Wedge

    The PW-1 is a high powered stereo headphone driver for use with on stage in-ear monitoring systems. The PW-1 is a hardwired beltpack unit that has left and right balanced, line level XLR inputs. Features include a protective peak limiter with adjustable...

  • Whirlwind PA -1 Personal Headphone Monitor

    The Whirlwind PA-1 is a high output, low distortion, portable monitoring device suitable for critical listening in any professional audio environment. Use for: Headphone distribution systems. Sign language interpretation or language translation...

  • Whirlwind OC BASS

    Optical Bass Compressor/Limiter Get in touch with your inner thump! The OC BASS Optical Compressor is both a compressor, as well as a limiter - (depending on how you have it switched). With three pre programmable attack speeds, you can switch from a...